Agave Lounge Chair | Indoor and Outdoor | Designed by Mattia Albicini | Ethimo

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Agave is a collection of tables and chairs whose lines draw inspiration from the sinuous shapes of the leaves of the homonym plant. Designed by Mattia Albicini.

Lounge armchair in natural teak and Sepia black metal, with or without cushion.

Made in Italy

You can customize all Ethimo products according to your necessity. Please Contact Us if you need any help. There is a PDF for your convenience.



  • Height 80 cm (31.5")
  • Width 48 cm (18.9")
  • Depth 53 cm (20.9")


  • Metal
  • Natural teak
  • Fabric

General Information:

  • Metal: Ethimo metal is processed and treated to ensure optimal quality, rust resistance, strength and durability when used outdoors. All the stainless steel hardware and the paint are made with epoxy powder paints specific for outdoor use. The colours used are solvent-free; they do not contain any VOC (volatile organic compounds) or toxic heavy metals such as chromium and lead. They are 99% recyclable.
  • Teak: The hard yellowish-brown teak wood is used primarily for furniture and shipbuilding. Ethimo teak comes from controlled forest plantations in Thailand and Indonesia. The result is an excellent and high-quality material, ideal for outdoor furniture, particularly resistant to temperature, water, humidity, and saltwater changes.
  • Fabrics: All the materials in the ETHIMO collection are specifically made for outdoor use. Other than the particular softness to the touch, they offer the maximum resistance to UV rays and guarantee a long life. A specific treatment protects them from liquids and dirt and makes them easy to clean with a soft sponge, mild soap, or a washing machine at low temperatures. All the waterproof fabrics are characterized by a particular PVC layer, making them 100% waterproof.
  • ETHIMO supplies special kits for maintenance