Allaperto Urban Sunbed | Outdoor | Designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez | Ethimo

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Urban furnishings find expression in their essential, which allows them to bring alive modern, dynamic settings with an international feel. Metal, pickled teak, weaves and padded techno fabrics (Batyline Canatex Cappuccino) create combinations that are both practical and aesthetically intriguing.

Sunbed in pickled teak and metal coffee brown with techno fabric (Batyline Canatex Cappuccino) padded.

Made in Italy

Designer : Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez

Brand : Ethimo




Product Dimensions: Height – 13.38’’/24.40’’ (34/62 cm) ; Width – 31.49’’ (80 cm) ; Depth – 80.70” (205 cm) ; Leg height – 14.17”(36 cm)


Metal and Pickled teak



Ethimo metal is processed and treated to ensure optimal quality, rust resistance, strength and durability when used outdoors.  All the hardware used is stainless steel and the paint is made with epoxy powder paints specific for outdoor use. The paints used are solvent-free, they do not contain any VOC (volatile organic compounds) or any toxic heavy metals such as chromium and lead. They are 99% recyclable.

Pickled Teak:

Teak with vintage charm. First it is brushed to give the surface a rougher, older appearance, and remove the natural oil coating. Then it is tinted. For the grey pickled finish after being brushed, the teak is treated to give it a silver grey coating with an antique effect. For the chocolate version, after being brushed, the surface is treated with a warmer, intense color, that still allows the original vein markings of the teak to shine through. This finish gives the wood long lasting protection from oxidation.

  • ETHIMO supply special kits for maintenance