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With its timeless lines, Andersen, sofa bed with Lampolet mechanism, satisfies every design need. The seat cushion is a single horizontal bed; through a simple mechanism and simply removing the back cushions in feathers, which make the sofa bed very comfortable, Andersen transforms into a double bed for sleeping horizontally rather than vertically. The covers are completely removable and can be washed or dry cleaned according to the selected fabric. Andersen is also available as a fixed sofa which can be completely disassembled for easy delivery. Andersen is a sofa bed with a one-piece seat that can be used as a single or double bed. It is a 3-seater sofa with high armrests like the backrest, and is completed by a pair of lumbar cushions and two feather cushions that make the armrests more comfortable. By removing all these extra pillows, Andersen becomes a comfortable single bed with a mattress 212 or 222 cm long and 60 cm deep. Thanks to an easy-to-use mechanism, it is also possible to transform the sofa into a double bed with a 190 or 200 cm long mattress. Furthermore, with the mattress folded over on the short side, the depth of this bed for sleeping does not increase much even when used as a double bed.Andersen can be customized as desired by choosing the model and the dimensions, the cover and the pipes, the finishes and the colors, the material of the legs and the extra cushions.

Made in Italy

All Milano Bedding products can be customized accordingly to your necessity  : measurements, finishing and covering.

Please Contact Us if you need any help. Several kinds of fabric and colours are available. There is a PDF for your convenience below.



Product Dimensions 

3-Seater Sofa/Bed : W 232cm/91.34'', D 93cm/36.61'', Mattress Double Bed W 160cm/62.99, D 190cm/74.80''

Maxi 3-Seater Sofa/Bed : W 242cm/95.28'''', D 93cm/36.61'', Mattress Double Bed W 160cm/62.99, D 200cm/78.74''

Sofa bed height: 76cm (29.92'')
Seat width: 3-seater 212cm (83.46''), maxi 3-seater 222cm (87.40'')
Seat depth: 60cm (23.62'')
Open sofa bed depth: 175cm (68.90'')
Seat / mattress height from the floor: 46/52cm (18.11''/20.47'')

Mattress : All models include a Standard h.12 mattress in resilient polyurethane foam

Cover : Fabric, faux-leather and leather in a wide range of colours displayed in the Milano Bedding link. The sofa bed cover can be removed and washed according to the specifics of every material

Piping : Can be chosen in a matching or contrasting colour belonging to the same cover category selected for the cover

Legs : Bleached oak or wengé painted wooden legs

- pair of cm 60 x 28 (23.62'' x 11.02'') cushions usable as armrests matching the cover
- pair of cm 90 x 28 (35.43'' x 11.02'') or cm 95 x 28 (37.40'' x 71.12'') lumbar cushions matching the cover - Available in the Website Accessories Category

Mechanism or structure: High resistance steel tube epoxy baked painted. Orthopedic bed with quality continental weld-mesh, fixed to the frame with springs. Opening and closing operations with one single movement (sofabed only). Alternative sleeping deck
Mattress standard (sofabed only): Interior Expanded polyurethane foam 35 Kg/m3
covered on both sides with 100% cotton fabric quilted with 100% polyester fiber 400 g/m2
and non woven
Frame: Armrests and headboard: solid fir, particle wood and hardboard. Front panel multi-layer of poplar wood
Padding: Seat: expanded polyurethane foam 35+40 Kg/m3 covered with needle-punched thermo-fixed fiber 280 g/m2 and 2,5 mm. quiltedinterliner.                                         Cover: bottom: poly/cotton fabric; padding: resinated polyester fiber 200 gr./m2. Back: feather + down and interliner. Armrests, and headboard: expanded polyurethane foam 40 kg/m3 , covered with interliner combined with 200 g/m2 PL fibre. Front panel: 10 mm. foam
combined with interliner
Pillows (optional): feather + down and interliner
Legs: solid beech wood bleacked oak or wengé finish
Fabric: Specifications: see sample in the pdf
We suggest not to sit on armrest