Botolo Low Armchair Fur Version | indoor | Designed by Cini Boeri | Arflex

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Cini Boeri designed Botolo in 1973, giving life to a new design style, where you could choose the height of the legs to have a dining chair in the high version or a style, at that time modern, "the living at a low level", a way of living and sitting on the ground.‎ In the legs there are wheels to move easily.

Made in Italy


Arflex works to find eco-sustainable products, minimizing the environmental impact through policies that involve in every phase of its work.The commitment to the environment is demonstrated by the continuous search for solutions in ecological thinking, at all stages of the production chain.



  • Height 50 cm (19.7")
  • Widht 53 cm (21”)
  • Depht 53 cm (21”)
  • HSeat 25 cm (10”)


Metal, Fur

Maintenance and Cleaning

For cleaning, do not expose the straw chairs outside, they are sensitive to rain and sun.To clean the straw, you can use a mop or a soft-bristled brush, once brushed, we can pass a wet patch in a basin of water and bicarbonate