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Dator was created to give something more to the reading of time, the hour and the minute: it was the evolution of the flip clock that makes it possible to view with one glance the day of the week and date. It is therefore a clock and perpetual calendar; in fact it automatically signals February 29 and leap years. Minimal design, clean lines, and rigorous black and white: in Dator 60 everything is designed to ensure better visibility, even from a distance. Even with low light or without direct illumination, the silk-screened white letters on black and their particular size provide a high level of readability in every space. This is why Dator 60 is perfect for the home, office and contract spaces... and all those places to which you want to give something unique and personal. It is the distinctive object, iconic –instantly recognizable as a design element that enriches and beautifies the places where people live, work, share experiences and emotions.

In white or black, it is available in two variantshorizontal, in which the data appears on the same line, or vertical with (from the top down), the date, day of week and time.
Solari Udine's language, culture and tradition are Italian.

Made in Italy



Dimensions : Dator 60 vertical (WxHxD): 242 x 330 x 130 mm

Powering / 3 alkaline batteries LR20 1,5V .Protection / transparent polycarbonate. Case / PC-ABS (white or black). Materials / shockproof and self estinguishing. Flaps / black PVC with white text' Digit height / 50 mm' Readable distance / 30 mt. Flap display / driven by stepper motor. Time basis / quartz with a precision of ±1 minute/year (from 0° to 35°C) Keypad / for programming and commissioning

Operating temperature / from 0° to +35°C