Emi Stackable Counter Stool | Indoor & Outdoor | Designed by Scab Lab | Set of 2 | Scab Design

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Emi is a design stool with a discreet appearance and clean lines and is stackable. Entirely made of glass fiber reinforced technopolymer, molded in air molding technology. Available in a wide range of colors. Rainwater flows through the decorative holes in the seat so that Emi dries quickly. Stool ideal for outdoor spaces but also for indoor ones as it is comfortable, light and with an attractive design

Made in Italy

All Scab products can be customized accordingly to your necessity: measurements, finishing and covering. Please Contact Us if you need any help.



Dimensions : Height 38,7”(98,5 cm ), Widht 18,7 ”(47,5cm), Depth 18,7 ”(47,5cm) , Seat H 25,5 ”(65 cm)

Weight :  5,5 Kg             

Stackable 9 Pcs

Material : Technopolymer  

Maintenance and Cleaning

For cleaning, use only a soft damp cloth and lukewarm water and dry immediately with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive or aggressive products, chlorine-based products and solvents in general. (ammonia, bleach or cleaning products containing acids)