Flag Wall-Mounted Mirror with Integrated Lighting | Designed by Alessio Pinto | Flaminia

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FLAG reversible mirror with transparent beveled edge and LED light.

Made in Italy



Product Dimensions : Height 28,3 ” (72 cm ), Width 20 ” (52 cm)

Product code : FG52SPE


Ceramica Flaminia products are covered by a warranty of 24 months from the date of delivery, and the company undertakes to replace any defective product during the aforementioned period; in any event, any defect/problem must be notified to the company prior to its installation. Problems arising from improper installation or maintenance are not covered by the warranty

Cleaning and Maintenance

To maintain the gloss of the material over time, avoid the use of abrasive or scratching products and detergents. Soft cloths and liquid detergents should be used to clean this materials. Pietraluce® is an antibacterial, anti-scale material, however, if any hard water spot is formed, it can always be removed with normal limescale removers