Fonte Countertop Washbasin | Designed by Monica Graffeo | Rexa Design

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Monica Graffeo designed Fonte Countertop Corian® Washbasin, a project inspired by the Japanese philosophy of personal care. Fonte is inspired by the observation of the daily reality of the bathroom combined with the love for the Japanese philosophy of water. Wherever you go, the bathroom is a place that is inevitably filled with essential elements for ourselves and for others. born from a study on how we take care of ourselves and from the desire to create objects that are different from each other but with specificity with functions and, together, create attractive landscapes. Available in different sizes

Made in Italy



Product Dimensions :

Composition A

Cod 01FO24101 Washbasin :  H18,5''(50 cm), W 47,2''( 48 cm), D 13,3''( 34 cm)

Cod 90F09001 Bench : H 15.74'' (40 cm), W 37.79'' (96 cm), D 47.2'' (48 cm)

Cod 90F29001  NO.2 Containers with wheels :  H/W 16.92''(43cm), H 11.81''(30 cm)

Composition B

Cod 01FO44301 Washbasin :  H 18,5 ”( 50 cm), W 75,5 ”( 80 cm), D 18,8 ”( 48 cm)

Cod 90F09002 Bench : H 15.74'' (40 cm), W 56.69'' (144 cm), D 47.2'' (48 cm)

Cod 90F29001  NO.3 Containers with wheels :  H/W 16.92''(43cm), D 11.81''(30 cm)

Materials : Corian®


Corian® is a solid, non-porous, homogeneous coating material, composed of ± 1/3 acrylic resin (also known as Polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA), and ± 2/3 of natural minerals. Being a non-porous material, mold and bacteria cannot take root or spread in the joints or under the surface. Corian® is non-toxic and inert


For daily cleaning, we recommend using a microfiber cloth with a multi-purpose neutral detergent that does not contain ammonia, do not use abrasive pads or alcohol that may leave marks due to the dye