Hammam Over Counter Washbasin | Designed by Monica Graffeo | Rexa Design

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Clay: pink, soft, spread or made in planks and tiles, combined with velvety white Corian®, this is the new material that Rexa Design introduces with the new collection designed by Monica Graffeo.‎ This project brings back to the atmospheres of the Hammam and the Onsen, the typical Japanese bathroom, a charming and sensory place where the functional aspects have also deeper meanings.‎ The Hammam collection includes bathtubs, washbasins, wall and floor paneling, wardrobes, and shower trays in Corian®.‎ Paneling, shelfs and shower column can be realized in Corian® or clay.‎ Corian® and spread clay are the materials used for bathtubs and washbasins.‎ This basin can be made in matt Korakril™ or glossy Gelcoat. Available with the basement of the same material or made in clay bricks. Korakril™ recessed drain plug included.

Made in Italy



Product Dimensions :

Cod  01HM13201 : Height 17,3 ” ( 44 cm ), Diameter ø  16,5 ”  (42 cm)

Cod 01HM13202 : Height  18,8 ” ( 48 cm ), Diameter ø  16,5 ”  (42 cm)

Material : Korakril™ Blend

Korakril™ Blend

Composite material that guarantees homogeneity and uniformity throughout the thickness. Compactness, resistance to chemicals and / or solvents and resistance to scratches are the main characteristics of the Korakril ™ blend


For daily cleaning, we recommend using a microfiber cloth with a multi-purpose neutral detergent that does not contain ammonia, do not use abrasive pads or alcohol that may leave marks due to the