Move Ergonomic Stool | Designed by Per Øie | Varier

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Per Øie Norwegian designer he designed Move in the 80s for Varier. Move has now become an unmissable classic in your home office decor. It has a distinct design that is not only recognizable, but also functional. Provides your body with support for continuous movement while sitting or standing. Move is an ideal work chair and complements any height-adjustable desk. Variér® ergonomic stool, swivel and adjustable in height.

Made in Norway

Plese Contact Us if you need any help. Several kinds of fabric and colours are available.



Product Dimensions : Height 22”-32”( 56-82 cm), Seat Ø: 17”( 43 cm), Base Ø: 15,7”( 40 cm)

Weight : 6.3 Kg

Materials : Move's wooden base is made of high quality beech plywood. Our gas lift is powered by high pressure gas, making the height adjustable mechanism smooth, reliable and long lasting. The foam seat is designed for maximum seating comfort. It offers unmatched support and flexibility for years to come.

Warranty : All Variér products are accompanied by a quality control label and certified for an extension of the guaranty up to 7 years on the wooden components and 5 years on the mechanisms