Ottocento Round Dining Table | Indoor and Outdoor | Designed by Paola Navone | Slide

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Inspired by the forms of neoclassicism, Ottocento is an indoor and outdoor table available in different sizes: the purity of the material is linked to the classic nature of the shapes, which recalls the luxury of marble and the elegance of dark colors. Thanks to a collaboration between the designer and the production department, each table is a unique peace.

Made in Italy

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Products Dimensions 

MEDIUM Diam 31.50'', H 28.35'', Weight 10 Kg
LARGE Diam 55.12'', H 28.5'', Weight 20 Kg

Material: base in polyethylene, top in HPL

Base colours and finishes: Arabescato, Granito, Elephant Grey, Jet Black
Top colours: Ardesia, Calacatta, Cementino, Wengé

Material : POLYETHYLENE -  Linear low-density polyethylene – LLDPE
Production process: rotational moulding
Resistant to extreme temperatures: -60°C to +80°C
(Luminous version: if equipped with fluorescent bulb -20°C to +60°C / with LED system 0°C to +50°C)
UV resistant (except lighting colours)
High tensile strength
100% recyclabl

Maintenance and Cleaning

Clean the product with a damp cloth and neutral liquid soap diluted in water.
It is recommended the use of SLIDE “Clean Up” cleaner or a degreaser. In case of persistent stains, use a hot water pressure washer. Spray the cleaning product on the surface and rub with a damp cloth. Rinse abundantly with water, preferably with hot water high-pressure washer.
It is recommended the use of SLIDE “Bright Up” detergent for the products maintenance. This polishing protective detergent can remove the most superficial scratches. For lacquered version: periodically clean with a polish cleaner, gently rubbing with soft cloth/cotton wool