Pluvia Stackable Dining Chair | Indoor and Outdoor | Designed by Luca Nichetto | Set of 4 | Ethimo

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Elegance and simplicity, together with design thinking that unites aesthetics and versatility, make Pluvia an armchair that ‘interprets’ the mood of its settings, and enhancing addition to any kind of open-air living space and a surprising one for interiors. Pluvia is also perfect for indoors and will become the ideal armchair to enhance the living area. The Pluvia model consists of an aluminium structure with a woven synthetic fiber shell, which is reminiscent of the famous seats in the Italian squares in the 1980s.

Indoor/Outdoor Dining Chair with aluminium structure teamed with a shell in woven synthetic fiber.

Made in Italy



Product Dimensions : Height – 31.49’’ (80 cm) ; Width – 26.37” (67 cm) ; Depth – 21.25” (54 cm) ; Seat height - 17.71’’ (45 cm)

STRUCTURE : Metal - Natwick


Metal : Ethimo metal is processed and treated to ensure optimal quality, rust resistance, strength and durability when used outdoors.  All the hardware used is stainless steel and the paint is made with epoxy powder paints specific for outdoor use. The paints used are solvent-free, they do not contain any VOC (volatile organic compounds) or any toxic heavy metals such as chromium and lead. They are 99% recyclable.

Natwick : Natwick fiber by Ethimo is a recyclable synthetic fibre in a natural and sand color finish, whose semi circular section means it can be used for especially light, dynamic weaving. Extremely resistant to atmospheric agents and wear.

  • ETHIMO supplies special kits for maintenance