About Our Brands

The Story of our brands



In 1932, Engineer George Carwardine gave life to the design of the first Anglepoise work lamp. Today this lamp has become one of the most iconic pieces of modern furniture with its charm and characteristic shape.

Over the years it has had continuous improvements that have brought the lamp to new operating levels. Recent collaborations with renowned designers Paul Smith and Margaret Howell have brought novelties to Anglepoise's design that have become

a symbol of British design. The company exports in more than 50 countries,and these magnificent lamps can be found in residential homes, offices, restaurants, bars and hotels. Despite having constant attempts at replication, Anglepoise is and

will always be the most admired suspension icon in the world.



Arrmet was born in the 1960s in Manzano, Italy. In an area called the “Triangle of the chair”, it’s famous for being a leader in the production of chairs and wooden furniture. In the beginning of its production history, the company stood out for an innovative product,

original and rich in high technology and design. In fact, it began using steel as the main material for the collections. Today the company is constantly looking for new materials to offer, in the collaboration of their designers, to customers all over the world.

The collection consists of 29 product families including chairs, stools, armchairs and tables. Arrmet presents the new proposals in the most prestigious world exhibitions such as “Il Salone del mobile” in Milan, the “BD” in New York city and the “J-Made” in London.



Avea was established in 1970 as Rustic Chairs, by entrepreneur Piani S., who successfully led the venture until his death in 2000. From the very start, Piani wanted his new venture to be known for its extremely high quality.

Throughout his tenure, he hired only the most skilled craftsmen – something that quickly led  his son Giuseppe to become renowned for its high quality furniture in rustic style. Avea began as an Italian design house, born of a proud heritage.

A heritage of unfaltering dedication to the perfection and progression of the design craft. Simple principles that honour outstanding quality through a careful selection of materials, functionality and attention to detail.


BD Barcelona

Since its origins in the 1970s, BD has always been an artistic and very professional company in the realization of its products. The owners have oriented BD’s production from the very start by cultivating beauty,

in some cases above their function. The artisanal process is the main force of the company that characterizes its superior quality of products. In the last few years BD’s collections, with an accentuated artistic profile like

Jaime Hayan and Dashi Levian,continue to point the way where design and art meet together. This is our hope. And our work.


BelAir Retro

For more than forty years Bel Air has been the manufacturer of authentic retro furniture that breathes the atmosphere of the fifties. Bel Air offers a wide range of retro furniture for both the catering industry and private individuals.

Our retro furniture shows real 1950s and 1960s appeal, and lends a characteristic look to any interior. Our assortment is characterized by bright colours, the use of metal elements, and high quality.

All our retro furniture can be combined into a coherent whole for your business. We want to help you in designing the best possible American diner, restaurant, or home.


Black Tie

Black Tie was born in 1977 thanks to its founder and owner Pier Luigi Frighetto. The company is located in the province of Vicenza in the North of Italy, where production takes place. Black Tie stands out with its high level of products,

its elegance and the quality of its workmanship with exquisite finishes. The range of products is aimed at the living space, which is consolidated by a quality recognized all over the world and by the sleeping area that with beds,

ottomans and accessories create spaces with an impeccable and unique style. Everything comes from the “Savoir Faire” of Pier Liugi Frighetto who expertly guides the choice of materials and the attention to detail to create valuable products.

The company uses materials like canaletto walnut, brass, 18K gold and velvet fabric.



A Portuguese company based in Porto, was born in the 1980s. DelightFULL uses prestigious designers to create its contemporary lighting collections. DelightFULL stands out for its elegant and handmade copper finishes

with their unique lines that recall a strong contemporary vintage style. The collections include floor, table and ceiling lamps that meet the most demanding requirements for every type of furniture.

Present in the news at the most prestigious world exhibitions and always giving strong feelings of style and very high design.


Bolzan Letti

Bolzan Letti was founded in the 1990s by the family Bolzan and, despite maintaining its craft character and dimension, by the year 2000 the company had already developed into an industrial enterprise, integrating the craftsmanship know-how

with a modern mechanization. The key word of Bolzan’s identity is “Made in Italy”. Besides the union between the feeling and emotion enhanced by craftsmanship and the industrial accuracy,

required is a continuous research on materials, impeccable details and a company thoroughly prepared to build a convincing style. Our mantra is never leaving the customer’s targets unattended and

for 10 years of leadership in the market we never changed our mind. Contemporary or classic design, together with maximum comfort, have strengthened the presence of the company in an increasingly demanding,

competitive and global market, without neglecting in any way its background. This is why Bolzan Letti continues being the benchmark for conscious, eclectic and international customers, who feel at home everywhere in the world but will never forget

the links with their own origins, with their roots and with a certain mood of enjoying the house that should reflect their own personality.


Dal Segno Design

Dal Segno comes from the idea of creating a collection of furnishing accessories with modern design and Italian style. In 2005 Dal Segno Design was born. High-tech materials and innovative technologies have created seating and tables with a thousand personalities.

Products characterized by comfort and sturdiness to make your home unique. Made to make your mark!



Delka SRL is synonymous with twenty years experience in the design and production of office furniture and metal components for office furniture and more. Commercial soul and technical-productive soul coexist, to follow and

become the ideal partner for every customer. The goal is satisfaction of requests through the right balance between industrialization and product customization. Production entirely managed within the company,

variegated standard technical solutions, combined with a “tailoring attitude”, are the guidelines of a path of continuous improvement.


Due Cigni

In the Italian city of cutlery, Maniago, Due Cigni (Two Swans) has been producing with passion kitchen scissors and knives of high quality for over a century.

First choice steel, innovative design and the maximum attention to the details assure that Due Cigni products do not get passed over, not even by the most demanding of users. Last generation machinery,

qualified and experienced personnel are the elements on which the Due Cigni brand is based on. Due Cigni offers everything that is needed for those who love cooking, always a satisfying requirement, whether it be of the design, quality or variety.

Due Cigni knives and scissors are instruments ideal for professionals in food services and of gastronomy that need a perfect cut without effort and long lasting…for over one hundred years.



Emu was founded 69 years ago in Marsciano (Perugia), Italy. A leading company in outdoor furniture, Emu stands out for its design and the wide range of its products. The Emu collections fit perfectly into any context.

In fact we can find products all over the world in large numbers and with its certain continuity. The high comfort with its elegance puts Emu to the attention of the most important projects.

Today the company makes use of the most sought-after designers to always create a product in step with the times.


Esedra (Prospettive)

Established after years of activity as a craft workshop, Esedra specialized in the production of tubular steel furniture. Prospettive has today created a mix of craft tradition and technological innovation.

With its own corporate heritage and its strong identity, Prospettive entered the market as one of the Italian leaders in the production of modern furniture. Essential lines, care in details and finishings,

as well as particular attention to the expressive possibilities of material combinations are the main characteristics of the new products.



Ethimo was born 40 years ago in Vitorchiano, in the center of Italy, an area rich in splendid natural landscapes that inspired the company to create high quality products. During its history it has accumulated a great experience and

has improved the production quality of its collections using the most prestigious world-famous designers. The company is in the very top positions for the production of outdoor furniture and exports to over 40 countries.

In recent years, Ethimo has been committed to presenting interior design solutions for interiors, furnishing sophisticated resorts, exclusive country hotels and magnificent private gardens.

It presents its innovations in the most important exhibitions and Ethimo can be considered as the most authentic ambassador of the great “Italian Design” ever.



Eumenes is a new brand of design furniture founded in 2011 in Milan, the heart of the Italian design tradition. By leveraging this heritage and on the extensive design expertise of the team, we are designing and creating furniture “for the common good”

which is evident in our ancient Greek name, “Eumenes”. Metals, the most resistant, eco-friendly and recyclable materials, are our core materials. This ensures that our products are of high quality and that they can be re-used in the design process,

thus saving our planet.Through an advanced industrial approach, we combine a variety of unique materials with new technical solutions to offer a wide range of innovative products and guarantee high quality projects.


Filippo Ghezzani

A fresh, young and contemporary furnishings with a continuous and profitable exchange between design and architectural solutions that are always new. Established in 2013, this is the style that characterizes the Filippo Ghezzani brand and is reflected in each of its pieces.

Design becomes an interpreter of itself in an avant-garde vision that makes it unique in its simplicity.


Fratelli Antonini Fu Giulio

Since ancient times, our valley had water and iron, the two main elements that gave way to the tradition and production of blades and knives in the area of Maniago during the Roman Age. To forge the iron, water was essential.

Therefore in the fifteenth century the workmen of the area were aware that they had to exploit the source they had at hand by canalizing the water of the Colvera stream that flowed down valley towards Maniago.

So here along this canalized stream the first artisans started forging the iron in their “Battiferro”(workshops) to produce the blades for pruning hooks, scythes and various other working tools. They also produced weapons for the Venetian Republic Army.

The prospects of these artisans for producing all sorts of knives was enhanced by their ability to improve the construction of tools and blades through keeping up with continuous chances and development of manufacturing techniques. 

This is the background that gave way in the eighteenth century to the handcraft workshops spread all over the area bound to transform Maniago into an important knife producing area.

In this craftsmanship aspect Maniago has therefore found its ideal formula transforming the blade and knife production with love and devotion into an art that is capable of creating unmatched articles.

These were the principles with which Antonio and Luigi Antonini founded their business in 1929. Today the same principles inspire the Antonini Company with the successful partnership of Mario Antonini and his son Pietro.


Gurisan Sedie

The Fornasarig family began its activity in the manufacturing of chairs and tables since 1888. The Gurisan Sedie has made its own experience and culture of a solid tradition that has been handed down from father to son for almost a century. 



Internoitaliano is a system for the production of designer furnishings inspired by the Italian way of living, created by Giulio Iacchetti. At the heart of Internoitaliano is a production system constituted by a network of workshops and

manufacturing companies that embody the excellence in the Italian ability to create top-quality products. Internoitaliano, therefore, is truly a “fabbrica diffusa”, a factory network. Internoitaliano objects enjoy a special status:

they are happy objects, fruit of a 50/50 joint effort between the designer who designed them and the craftsman who lovingly made them.

Each object is, in itself, autonomous and versatile, able to take its place in a variety of settings as they evolve over time, little by little, affecting a household’s main rooms and garden.

The names for all of Internoitaliano’s objects are a tribute to minor Italians towns and villages, those that are rarely celebrated, but nonetheless are just as real and representative of a suffused and authentic national identity,

except for a few items that were recovered from that rather large archive of “out of production” but that are still current and representative objects.



The company was founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli and Anna Castelli Ferrieri with great intuition and passion. Kartell became famous for high design products with absolutely innovative materials for the time and placed itself in a world landscape of great prestige.

Today Kartell is one of the symbols of Italian design with its fantastic icon collections. A success story told through an incredible series of products , furniture, furnishings, lighting and  home accessories, that have become part of the domestic landscape.

The colours, the irony , the transparency and the unique shapes put Kartell into a fantastic and prestigious position in the universe of high design products.


Kenneth Cobonpue

The story of Kenneth Cobonque began in 1987 studying industrial design at the Pratt Institute in New York city. Once graduated he specialized in Italy near Florence for the processing of leather and wood.

He completed his studies in Germany and after reaching a remarkable level and high experience in 1996 he returned to the Philippines to start making his first collections. During his travels and his studies he discovered that modern design can,

using natural fibers and materials, succeed in creating products with unique beauty and comfort. In fact the collections are distinguished by the purely natural materials and by the skilful craftsmanship that make up the essence of Kenneth Cabonque design.



l’Opificio was established from inception with the aim to create unique collections for interiors that represent Made in Italy and the location where l’Opificio has its roots, Piedmont. A region rich in elegance, history, culture and understated wealth.

The connection between l’Opificio and Piedmont is irresistible and permanent, a muse of creative and refined inspiration. A family company where passion is combined with the different expertises: Paola’s management,

Barbara’s fantasy and Federico’s organisational capacity. A guarantee to the client of a service with quality, ethical approach and continuity. In this manner prestigious fabrics and velvets take life for unique interiors, with an aesthetic idea based on culture,

elegance and harmony and a special attention to the use of the colour in the living spaces.


Lenardi Design

A technical legacy allied by willingness to experiment. So ubiquitous is the chair that it can seem a very simple object, yet this is an item of furniture that requires the utmost experience and technical expertise.

Nothing can be left to chance. Lenardi was established in a part of Italy where the technical background of chair production had always existed. A place that has always recognised the importance of craftsmanship,

traditional know-how passed from one generation to the next. This is true of Lenardi, where this long tradition is allied to a willingness to experiment, each and every day, an approach greatly appreciated by the company’s many clients.



 Maconi  produces multifunctional modular hall furniture, storage, space saving solutions and a variety of home accessories since 1980. The products allow a great deal of customization and modularity.

Their aim is to open up space in any room of your house, which is pursued through wide and up-to-date collections. Maconi hallway furniture pieces make it easy to obtain multifunctional and made to measure storage solutions.

In order to fulfill many needs hallway furniture sets may include shoe cabinets, mirrors, coat hangers or even built-in ironing boards. The Space Saving Furniture catalogue offers a wide range of multipurpose solutions for small,

yet well-organized homes. Console tables that convert to dining tables, folding ironing boards and slim shoe storage cabinets. Home accessories include coffee tables with storage and drawers, wall mounted bookcases and shelves,

wall key boxes and umbrella stands. All you need for a beautiful, functional and well-organized house.


MD House

40 years of history behind us. An ever-growing range of modular furniture systems for the living room and bedroom, all designed with an eye on the very latest home furnishing trends. Whether you’re looking for living room furniture,

bookshelves, sofas, armchairs, tables, beds, wardrobes, storage units or rugs…we’ve got it covered. A design concept inspired by essential beauty, harmonious lines and colours, quality wood veneers,

matt and gloss varnishes and impeccable finishes with artisanal-style detailing, like wardrobe doors with hollow core wood panels.

Every production process is carried out in-house by a company that loves to spread the culture of Italian design and know-how.


Milano Bedding®

Milano Bedding® is a brand founded in 1996 from the experience of Kover, a company which for thirty years has been a leading manufacturer of sofa beds, beds and mattresses.

In collaboration with several designers Milano Bedding® has wanted, since its establishment, to create models that combine design, comfort and technology, to bring to the world of the sofa bed the same quality as that of beds and sofas.

Milano Bedding® products always point to innovation, to the development of technologies and solutions that increase the functionality and practicality of the system of opening and closing by adopting advanced mechanisms.


My Home Collection

My home collection is a furniture trademark created in 2015, based in a beautiful region of Italy. It is located in the Tuscan production district between Florence and Siena, renowned for skilled craftsmanship in the fields of metalwork,

tailoring and leatherworking. It produces furniture and seating with an exclusive “Made in Italy” style. The projects develop from the living area to the bedroom with sofas, armchairs, chairs, beds and accessories that reflect ideal home solutions.

My home collection is characterized by the attention to detail, the choice of colors, finishes and materials that give an exclusive strongly Italian touch. The company exports its collections to markets all over the world,

making use of the fundamental collaboration of a team of designers prepared and competent in satisfying requests with an exquisite Italian taste.



Palma S.p.A was established in 1986. Today, the company offers a strong selection of branded chairs, stools, armchairs and tables, each reflecting the seriousness and commitment to quality of the company.

To ensure this, investment has been made year after year, piece after piece, in order to create a complete production process - from the timber selection to the packaging of finished products. Palma S.p.A has become renowned for the quality of their raw materials,

processing and finishing techniques, and importantly, their reliability in keeping their commitments to customers, as well as on time delivery. The collections reflect diverse style lines, catering to the different tastes of customers: from classic, to quirky,

essential or contemporary, the formal versatility of the wood is endless. Palma S.p.A exports 80% of its products to over 50 Countries and continuously serves importers, distributors, chain stores, and large organized distribution, industries,

companies working in the HO.RE.CA supply field and contracting. All of these realities combine to give Palma S.p.A a sense of the satisfaction enjoyed by their end customers: Italian style, quality, and reliability at an international level.



Pedini is the industrial evolution of an artisanal enterprise which continues to be a protagonist in the history of kitchen design for 60 years. Its path began in 1957 in the hearts of the Marche region where Pedini where the company still has its plant,

with a total area of 36,000 sq.m. The Pedini imprint is strictly “handmade in Italy”: the proof of the quality of Pedini’s products is found in numerous recognitions received from international institutes that acknowledge the

technological evolution of the company’s manufacturing procedures and the careful selection of environmentally friendly materials and components.



The Italian design brand launched by Stefano Giovannoni in 2016 for extraordinary daily-use objects. Ironic, pop, colorful and available to everyone. Qeeboo is the next generation brand conceived by Stefano Giovannoni with

products designed by Andrea Branzi, Front, Richard Hutten, Marcel Wanders and Nika Zupanc. It is an Italian brand based on innovative criteria: its main reference point is the web, which is used to shorten the distribution chain.



Here, traditions, art, hospitality and the way of life itself are the result of the hard work of its people. Tuscans have made their own way of life and have exported their culture with respect and attention.

These traditional values are still followed today in our everyday work. This is our philosophy. We are proud to continue a tradition that goes a long way back. The reputation of a company does not lay on its financial results alone,

but also on the way it is run. At Quinti we put all our efforts and experience in order that every process is environmentally compatible. Leadership means taking on social and environmental responsibilities to guarantee lasting products and services.

Every Quinti Chair is made with great care using only quality materials. The collections proposed are the result of elastic and functional choices to meet the main choices of the market.

“Your personal chair” program is the answer to those who love the details and search for in choosing a chair an intense and unique experience.


Sedia Elite

Sedia Élite has been exporting high quality “Made In Italy” wooden chairs, around the world for over 40 years. Sedia Élite produces handmade chairs, stools, ottomans, and armchairs that are perfectly suited to any furnishing style,

adding elegant touches to the interiors of homes, offices, bars, restaurants and hotels. Refined and comfortable, our classical Viennese wooden chairs are part of a wide range that extends to the most modern and eclectic designs, suitable for young,

dynamic customers. These are unique items of furniture: customisable, and hand-finished to enhance the individual stylistic identities of the colourful Sedia Élite collections.



Since 1974 SIPA has manufactured exclusively chairs, tables, smaller items and semi-finished articles in solid wood of high quality. Hard work, product culture, a mix of manual skills, technology and experience:

SIPA shares these values with the territory where it was born and grew up, the area in Friuli specialising in wood and chairs. Today SIPA is a modern company, set in a strategic position with respect to suppliers,

selected on the basis of criteria of quality, reliability and eco-sustainability, and to the main European communication channels.



A long history which the Costantini and the Billiani families, who in the 1950s shared together with other partners an entrepreneurial adventure by establishing a furniture factory in a territory dedicated to the production of chairs.

Since that time many things have changed but the values, the challenges, the dreams and the ambitions who guided these men remained unchanged and are still present in the players of this new project.

The lowest common denominator stays in the capacity of know-how and the desire to realise products which are expressions of innovation of materials and production process in order to propose them to the market through our vision of a lifestyle.



Stile was born, by the will of the 5 founding partners, in March 1969, and in the past 44 years the company has developed and specialized in the construction, on behalf of third parties, of metal components for furnishing accessories.



Since 1945, thanks to their expressive power, the iconic forms of the products made by Vivida articulate a visual grammar that becomes narrative: stories, suggestions, emotions are revealed through the profile of the lamps.

The evocative power of illumination is as important as its functional potentials, capable of translating objects into ideas and insights.