Meat Fork | Onda Line | Olive Series | Fratelli Antonini Fu Giulio

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Since Ancient times, our valley had water and iron. Most probably these were the two main elements that gave way to the tradition and production of blades and knives in the Area of Maniago during the Roman Age. This is the background that gave way in the eighteenth century to the handcraft workshops spread all over the area bound to transform Maniago into an important knife producing town.

These were the principles with which Antonio and Luigi Antonini founded their business in 1929. Today the same principles inspire the Antonini Company with the successful partnership of Mario and his son Pietro.

The meat fork FAMA with two pronged blades, is perfect to grab and hold the meat while cutting it. This fork is useful in combination with the carving knife.

  • Blade: Stainless Steel X50CrMoV15

  • Handle: Olive

  • Length: 19cm

  • Made in Italy