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Linear and essential, Rap Chair is a new home of the Rap family. Made in collaboration with Karim Rashid, Rap Chair is a single armchair characterized by the same sinuous and enveloping shape of Rap Sofa. The linear seat meets the enveloping backrest of this article whose apparently calm nature simply breaks with energy. Rap Chair and Rap Sofa together can create a modern and minimal living room, elegant and welcoming, suitable for domestic and contract environments. The seat becomes more comfortable and useful thanks to the new polyurethane cushion. The Rap chair is ideal for giving personality to private gardens, terraces and any type of external and internal space. The Rap chair is also available in a luminous version.

Made in Italy

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Product Dimensions 

Chair : H 30'', W 45'', D 31'', Seat H 14'', Weight 24 Kg

Cushion : H 2'', W 31'', D 24'', Weight 3.6 Kg

Materials : polyethylene, soft polyurethane

POLYETHYLENE -  Linear low-density polyethylene – LLDPE
Production process: rotational moulding
Resistant to extreme temperatures: -60°C to +80°C
(Luminous version: if equipped with fluorescent bulb -20°C to +60°C / with LED system 0°C to +50°C)
UV resistant (except lighting colours)
High tensile strength
100% recyclabl

Polyurethane – PU
Production process: injection moulding
Very good thermal resistance
100% recyclable

Maintenance and Cleaning

POLYETHYLENE : clean the product with a damp cloth and neutral liquid soap diluted in water.
It is recommended the use of SLIDE “Clean Up” cleaner or a degreaser. In case of persistent stains, use a hot water pressure washer. Spray the cleaning product on the surface and rub with a damp cloth. Rinse abundantly with water, preferably with hot water high-pressure washer.
It is recommended the use of SLIDE “Bright Up” detergent for the products maintenance. This polishing protective detergent can remove the most superficial scratches. For lacquered version: periodically clean with a polish cleaner, gently rubbing with soft cloth/cotton wool

POLYURETHANE: clean the products with a soft cloth and neutral liquid soap diluted in water, especially if the surface comes into contact with highly coloured substances (such as coffee, tea, oil, etc.). Only use neutral detergents in water solution