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The simple lines of Beret stools designed by Samuel Wilkinson make it light and adaptable to any situation.‎ It has a skinny seat, created with 3D technology, and four slender but proportioned legs.‎ It is made of ash, with a natural or lacquered wood seat. Ideal stool for every space from domestic to contract field. Available in three sizes

Made in Italy(The whole Crassevig production is exclusively made in Italy, primarily with “zero-mile” principles and according to criteria of quality, safety, attention to detail, selection of materials, respect for people and workplace, and environmental protection)

You can customize all Crassevig products according to your necessity. Please Contact Us if you need any help. There is a PDF for your convenience.



Beret 65/4W:

  • Height 65 cm (25.6")
  • Width 38 cm (15")
  • Depth 38 cm (15")

Beret 73/4W:

  • Height 73 cm (28.7")
  • Width 38 cm (15")
  • Depth 38 cm (15")

Beret 82/4W:

  • Height 82 cm (32.3")
  • Width 38 cm (15")
  • Depth 38 cm (15")


  • Solid Wood

General Information:

  • Wood is a natural material and can be damaged by age, use and sunlight. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. Avoid also placing wood furniture near radiators or air conditioning units. Periodically move accessories (vases, lamps, etc.) placed on tables. Leaving them in the same place for a long time may leave areas that do not match the rest of the top. Dust frequently with a soft cloth. Do not attempt to clean with alcohol or solvent-based products. Use a furniture cream for cleaning fingerprints. For deeper cleaning, add a non-abrasive liquid detergent. Always wipe in the direction of the grain.