Flat C1 Crystal Shower Cabin | Indoor | Designed By Benedini Associati | Agape

Agape Design

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The Agape line is made entirely in Italy with high quality raw materials, carefully crafted detail and efficient and environmentally friendly production processes, as confirmed by its LEED certification. Flat DX is a range of crystal glass shower units featuring stainless steel and chrome plated support structures and/or hinged structures of minimal visual impact.‎ Installation does not require construction work.

Made in Italy


Product Dimensions :   

  • Height 86.6 ” ( 220 cm)
  • Width 27.5 - 39 ” (70 - 100 cm)
  • Depth 55” – 63” (70 - 95 cm)



Quality and continuous research form the basis of the Agape’s selection of materials. Our range is constantly evolving to meet the increasingly personalized needs of customers and to guarantee sustainability and meet the refined aesthetic requirements that have always distinguished us


For normal cleaning use adamp cloth, preferably cottonand simple natural soap.Do not use either abrasivedetergents or solvents. Dailyusage wears the protectivewater-repellent coat, whichcan be reapplied as requiredwith specific commonlymarketed products