Gardenias Vase | Designed by Jaime Hayon | BD Barcelona

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Gardenias is a collection of furniture for the garden.‎ That’s not a real genre, but it does differentiate Gardenias from other exterior furniture collections.‎ Subtlety, beauty and memory are omnipresent in its design, along with a determination to make the collection broad, varied, versatile and open.‎There is room for sculptural vases and planters of surprisingly fine terracotta.‎ 

Made in Spain

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Gardenias 1

  • Height 45 cm (17.7")
  • Width 22 cm (8.6”)

Gardenias 2

  • Height 45 cm (17.7")
  • Width 22 cm (8.6”)

Gardenias 4

  • Height 37 cm (14.5")
  • Width 26 cm (10”)


Terracotta and waterproof treated