Gloria Leather Pouf Square Footstool | Designed by Ego Lab | Egoitaliano

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Gloria is the relaxation pouf with an industrial and contemporary style with a steel base in different finishes. Modern with its linear shapes and very graceful thanks to its generous measures, the Gloria pouf will complete and bring everyone together in the living room.

Made in Italy



Product Dimensions : H 17 ”( 43 cm ), W 35,8 ”(91 cm) , D 35,8 ”(91 cm)

Product Code : 0801

Material :  Protected Leather and Steel Frame

Protected Leather

Protected leather is the result of production processes that confer protection and high performance to the leather. A thin finishing layer protects the leather from stains, without altering its original characteristics. The Protected leather products combine the advantages of natural qualities and softness with good resistance to wear and changes of colour. The presence of distinctive marks that tell the story of the animal’s life, such as healed scars, grain differences, wrinkles, veining, differences in colour shades and any other sign that nature has left on these hides, prove they are absolutely genuine and bears witness to their great worth

Cleaning and Maintenance

Periodically dust using a clean, dry and non-abrasive white cloth. For stains caused by soft drinks, coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, oil, fat, cosmetics, foundation cream: remove the stain rapidly from the surface, by dabbing with absorbent cloth or paper. Then, delicately rub working from the outside towards the centre of the stain using a cloth soaked in a water and mild white soap solution. Do not soak the leather surface, and dry the surface immediately using a clean cloth. Do not dry the leather in direct sunlight or with a hair dryer