Lempi Upholstered Lycra Pouf with Light | Designed by Giò Colonna Romano | Slide Design

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The sweet sound of the Finnish language enhances the comfort of the soft polyurethane cushion.‎ Lempi is a pouf with a romantic shape and a pop soul: it comes from the unusual union between a wide heart-shaped cushion in soft polyurethane, covered with a red elastic fabric, and a polyethylene base, made luminous thanks to the wireless LED .‎ Lempi is ideal to create a romantic atmosphere during special events.‎ Lempi gives a magical and romantic lighting effect in every kind of indoor settings: the luminous base, typical of the Slide production, matches with a removable cushion with a strong visual impact.‎ With Lempi, which means "Love", Slide goes on with the proposals dedicated to all (design) lovers, as the best-sellers Amore, Mon Amour and Love

Made in Italy



Product Dimensions : Height 17,7”(45 cm),Widht 22,8”(58 cm),Depth 19,6”(50 cm), Weight 4 Kg

Materials : Cushion: Soft Polyurethane    Cover: Lycra

Maintenance and Cleaning

Clean the product with a damp cloth and neutral liquid soap diluted in water. It is recommended the use of SLIDE “Clean Up” cleaner or a degreaser. In case of persistent stains, use a hot water pressure washer. Spray the cleaning product on the surface and rub with a damp cloth. Rinse abundantly with water, preferably with hot water high-pressure washer. It is recommended the use of SLIDE “Bright Up” detergent for the products maintenance. This polishing protective detergent can remove the most superficial scratches. For lacquered version: periodically clean with a polish cleaner, gently rubbing with soft cloth/cotton wool